"Portraitartsun" is a page dedicated to art and distribution of portraits and works of art.

The conditions of purchase from Portraitartsun have been drafted by the team and therefore it is not allowed to reproduce them or use them for third parties in any way.

The conditions of purchase, govern the use of this page as well as the procedure of purchase by the users who will use this page to obtain products or services from the page.

Acceptance of conditions of purchase is binding for the customer and having placed the order, the client agrees to receive it and pay for it within the deadlines agreed, and otherwise the company reserves the right to take legal action for breach of contract.

The use of this trade is subject to the terms and conditions, policy data and privacy, the content of the purchase with the above conditions being compatible.



As soon as the user completes the process of buying, ending with the payment, the user agrees to accept the rules of use and conditions for the purchase of "Potraitartsun". User shall be responsible for the order made, and pay for the same within a maximum period of 3 days.



All orders in Spanish territory shall be subject to the payment of the existing VAT at the time of purchase.



In the options of payment cash on delivery or by courier, by mail or Postal Express Agency, ordering will take a fee corresponding to the cost of each mode of payment, taken implicitly.

Other orders with destination Canary Islands in some cases may have a surcharge for customs management.



All products of the website have the VAT law.


Forms of payment permitted on this site are:

1. Payment by bank transfer. The user has a maximum period of three working days to make the bank transfer to the account indicated below. If you want to speed up the process, you can send proof of payment to the following e-mail: info@portraitartsun.com


Indicate: Order number.

2. Payment systems PayPal. The users must make payment using the PayPal payment system, following steps by PayPal. This payment system accepts credit cards. At the end of the payment process, you will receive a confirmation email of the payment, also the company will receive an email with the corresponding payment and will immediately prepare the order for shipment.

3. Cash on delivery. The user/client can choose the cash on delivery option, either by post, either through transport agency, accepts the charge of cash on delivery that each transport company applies, and this cost is reflected on the invoice. Likewise, the user/client shall have prepared the total amount of the invoice, when the transport company delivers the goods. Otherwise they will not be given the goods.

Shipping systems

According to the delivery system, which the user/client has selected, as well as the place of shipment, extra costs can be applied above the total cost of the goods, reflected on the invoice. Once the total cost of the delivery is fixed, according to the selected delivery system, the client pays no further charges for the delivery.

Orders are shipped within period of 24 / 48 h.

Money refunds are not made.

By agreeing to the purchase, you agree to the terms of use, the data and data protection policy, and you are obliged to comply with them by law.