Thank you letters

“I’m writing to you from Miami just to say thank you. The portrait of my father is wonderful, and now, when he is not among us, thanks to the portrait he lives with us.”

“HiVenzi, I’m Cari. I wanted to thank you once again for the portraits of my nephews, beautiful paintings.”
“HolaVenzi, we are writing from the Canary Islands. Thank you for the love, with which you painted our family and our dog, Lukas.”
“HelloVenzi, I don’t know if you remember me. You painted my granddaughter. I’m from Barcelona, my name is Roser. The portrait is wonderful; you have managed to catch her character, muchas gracias!”

“Thank you Venzi, we are the couple from Scotland, when my husband saw the finished master piece you painted to celebrate our twenty wedding anniversary, he was stunned”