Painting portraits is not only paint a face is something more than that; it is to try to capture the character and the soul of the person. Three themes I am interested to paint: portraits, mountains and the Sun. When I paint people I´m amazing how on the Earth we are all different  and at the same time the light in our eyes are the same in every one. Do you not think that it is amazing? I have spent most of my life painting portraits in pastel .I like the pastel technique although the pastel technique is not considered “serios”. The pastel colors was created by Leonardo Da Vinci and many impressionist´s artist have been used it such as Touluse. Lautrec, Redon, Renoir, Manet and Degas. These Portraits above are customer paints, painted in the last two decades. Give me the opportunity to paint a portrait today  of your best photograph and you will enjoy a portrait of a life time, also you can surprise someone with especial gift for a Birthday or Wedding.

Venzislav Andreev